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Joomla! CMS is a content management system type of website where you can edit your content and make changes to your website yourself. You can also give rights to other people who can edit specified content for you. Joomla! is open source and free software - what Snapdragon charges is for the labour to install, configure & design your site.

It is massively empowering to be able to change words, sentences, add pages and an entire plethora of add-ons yourself - without paying some web designer for every little change.

When it comes to pricing, every business is different. Every website is different. Every person who works on the website is different. All goals are different. Thus, every build needs to be thought through on a site by site basis. Together we start by talking about what you want your website to accomplish.

It's not hard. It's easy. You can do it.

...and you get help from Snapdragon. Contact Snapdragon to get started. Feel free to contact any of my clients below to find out how they like their site & service from Snapdragon Services.

Check out these sites done or being worked on by Snapdragon Services:

Site Builds and and and



There are many more builds and migrations for clients...just contact me to see them.

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